More Trees Now is there for every citizen in Wales concerned about climate change and biodiversity. Together with land managers, municipalities and many other parties, everyone can do their bit. Can we count on you too? Email us at 


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Join a local sapling rescue team!

Join Eric and Tim in Gwynned!
At Cae Mabon we have thousands of these little trees – mostly sessile oaks – which will not be able to grow to maturity. Cae Mabon has been wondering for years how we could find a way to distribute them. ‘More Trees Now’ are doing just that. They’ve developed a methodology and platform which facilitates the process; which treats the trees!
More Trees Now wales launched on Monday 27th November. As the first harvest location Eric provides fellow tree-warrior Tim with sapings for the first-ever Treehub in wales. Where they will be redistributed. 
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