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How nice that you and your students want to get involved with climate and biodiversity! More Trees Now harvests abundant seedlings to plant out later. As a school, there is plenty to do, and for all ages. Below you can see all the options. We would love to help you make it a great lesson!



Nut trees are popular among food forests and farmers. Unfortunately, they are not very common in nature. The sweet chestnut is a very popular tree that is also easy to grow.

You can collect chestnuts together with your pupils. The children can then grow them themselves at home. As soon as the chestnuts are old enough, donate them on a Donate-a-seed day.

Want to teach your class even more about growing different tree saplings? Then take a look at the seed cards and the manual
Growing fruit and nut trees with your pupils.

On the right you will find another instructive video about the sweet chestnut.


8 to 17 years

A harvest day is a wonderful day outdoors! Pupils learn to recognise the winter characteristics of trees, look ecologically at a natural area and contribute concretely to climate and biodiversity.


The activities are concrete: pupils go into the forest with a spade and cut out seedlings, cut a bush, and sort, bundle and label the tree saplings. 


Time period: November-February

Equipment: shovel, gloves, pruning shears


Looking at the possibilities? Mail the coordinator of your province.

This excursion is also good to combine with this Lesson sheet on native tree seedlings from Meer Bomen Nu and IVN Zeeland. First the children learn about seedlings and native trees in 3 lessons, concluding by harvesting trees for their own schoolyard. The remainder they take home for their garden.


5 to 17 years

Between February and March, all trees go into the ground. This is done at farmers, large forest plantations or incipient food forests. Hard work? Not at all! Most trees require a hole only a spade deep, so it is accessible to any age.

Time period: February – March

Equipment: shovel, good clothes, transport to planting site

Looking at the possibilities? E-mail your province’s coordinator.


13 to 17 years

Does your school have a green education? Set up a Tree Hub together! A Tree Hub is a temporary storage place for seedlings. Young, newly harvested trees that are not to be replanted immediately have to stand with their roots in the soil, otherwise they will dry out.

A Tree Hub is also a good place for students to grow chestnuts. Classius College in Schagen already managed a hub. Will you be next? 

Time period: November-March

Equipment: group of pupils with green fingers

Read more about Tree Hubs

Get in touch with the coordinator of your province