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Find the right tree for your spot! The Tree Finder lets you filter by a number of important tree characteristics, so you plant the tree that best suits your planting location. In the Tree Finder, you’ll find information and planting advice for every type of tree we harvest.


The Tree Finder below allows you to filter by the characteristics of your environment, for example: what type of soil do you have? How moist is your soil? How much light will the tree get where you want it? In addition, you can filter by properties of the tree itself (Native/exotic, deciduous/needle/leafy or fast-growing) and what it is suitable for (hedges/avenues/or standing alone). But you can also filter by tree function: is this tree good for insects, birds, edible for humans or livestock or just the soil? Sometimes you will have to scroll to the right to see all the information. So with the Tree Finder, you can put together the best mix for your planting location.

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Don’t know your soil type? Then check out the WUR soil type map.

Be careful with non-native trees, you don’t want them in large forest plantings or hedges or hedgerows. But they can be a good fit for a food forest or backyard garden. It is also advisable to combine fast-growers with slow-growers.

Some regions also have a regional planting recommendation. Click here.

Tree Finder

wdt_ID Nederlandse benaming Informatie Plantinstructies Grondsoort Vochtigheid zuur (pH) Lichtbehoefte Loofboom Naaldboom Bladhoudend Groeisnelheid Inheems Hoogte (meter) Boomfunctie Giftig voor vee Geschikt voor Latijnse benaming
Grondsoort Vochtigheid Lichtbehoefte Loofboom Naaldboom Bladhoudend Groeisnelheid Inheems Hoogte (meter) Boomfunctie Geschikt voor